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Collaboration will improve the patient journey and save lives
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Patient Centered Focus is what we are all about - putting the patient first.
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Our technology is used to deliver premium patient care in the Province.
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Improving the Patient Journey

The Alberta Cardiac Access Collaborative is improving access to adult cardiac services throughout the patient journey.

The Collaborative received $11.8 million in funding from the Alberta Wait Times Initiative through to 2009 and has been extended for an additional year.

What are we trying to improve?
Heart disease is still a major cause of death and diminished quality of life. How well patients do can depend on where they live and how readily they receive care. The Collaborative is working to overcome the barriers of geography, awareness and access.

Who is involved?
Alberta’s Cardiac Access Collaborative has created new connections and resources within the system and among emergency medical providers, nurses, primary care doctors, hospitals, cardiac specialists and clinicians.
These connections are bridging jurisdictions, scopes of practice and geography with one aim – improving the patient journey for adults needing cardiac care.

What is being done?
The Collaborative has four initiatives:

Heart Attack is improving access to urgent care for people experiencing a heart attack so that heart muscle damage is minimized

Heart Failure is improving access to care for patients with chronic heart failure who need ongoing support, treatment, education and self management strategies

Patient Navigation is streamlining referral processes by providing single points of entry into the cardiac system and utilizing nurse navigators

Arrhythmia is improving the referral process and increasing clinical capacity so that patients needing cardiac device implants and other arrhythmia services get the right service at the right time

About this website

The Alberta Cardiac Access Collaborative has created this site first for people in health care looking for information on how to access care for and better treat their cardiac patients. Members of the public will find information on the Collaborative’s work, cardiac care and self management, as well as links to other resources.

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